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Bethel Kids!



The Nursery provides care for infants aged 0-2 years old. The nursery has two rooms with cribs, a change area, age appropriate toileting facility and a variety of safe toys for the young ones to explore and play with. Nursing mothers are welcome to also use this space.

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JunIor Sunday School


The Junior Sunday School is located next to the nursery room. There are age appropriate washrooms for use.  Toddlers will participate in age appropriate bible learning and an interactive teaching time.

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The Sunday School Program is downstairs, led by capable teachers who are ready to teach about the gospel in an age appropriate way. A majority of the time will consist of showing how the whole bible points towards Jesus and His love for us, as well as how we can apply the Bibles’ teachings to our lives.

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Bethel Kids!

Children's Minisitry

Bethel Kids! is committed to providing age appropriate and hands on learning for children of all ages. We adhere to all Child Protection Policies and strive to create a space for children to learn about Jesus in a safe and fun environment. Our goal is to help children grow in their faith and understanding of our Lord and Savior.

Please sign your children up at the welcome desk before the beginning of the main service.

Children join us for the beginning of the main service and then are invited to join their classrooms before the message begins. 


The morning speaker will announce when the children are able to leave the service.

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